Linimento Oil Yerba Del Manzo ( Swamp Root) Massage Oil

Linimento Oil Yerba Del Manzo ( Swamp Root) Massage Oil

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Yerba del Manzo (swamp root) Massage Oil

Hierba Del Manzo

For relief and to help soothe sore muscles due to over exertion or sports aches, help soothe arthritis pain and pains that can be reached by massage external application.

Directions: Apply to affected parts massaging gently. For gentle message.


For External Use Only

This is not a medication.



Ingredients: Whole Swamp Root Herb (Yerba Del Manzo), Oil of Eucalyptus, Menthol Crystals, Oil of Wintergreen, Pure Corn Oil, Natural Pure Gum Sprits of Turpentine. Annatto Seed Oil.


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