Yerba De La Negrita Shampoo Conditioner Concentrate


“I love your shampoo especially the conditioner my hair is so healthy and softer than before. I like your brand way better than the other brand. It works a lot better.”


Felis Pardue
Albuquerque, NM



“Your shampoo and conditioner are so wonderful my hair has gotten so much thicker and healthy.”

Pill Box Pharmacy
Albuquerque, NM


“Your shampoo is wonderful. I don’t even need the conditioner for after. The shampoo is enough by itself. I wish the stores in Tucson carried it.”

Katherine Volner
Tuscon, AZ


“I had cancer and had kimo therapy. I lost all of my hair. I wore wigs and scarves to cover up my baldness. I started using yerba de la negrita (scarlet globe mallow) shampoo, conditioner, and concentrate.

Now my full head of hair is back and thicker and healthier than ever before. My hair has grown 3 times faster than before.”

Albuquerque, NM


“My hair was so dry, frizzy, damaged, hard to manage. After using you wonderful shampoo and conditioner my hair is so much more manageable and healthy. I love it.”

Albuquerque, NM


“My hair was thinning and balding. My hair loss has stopped and i have noticed more hair on my head!

Albuquerque, NM



We are patented and trademarked for our yerba de la negrita ( scarlet globe mallow tm) shampoo, conditioner, and concentrate products.

Derma-Life® - Testimonials


I would like to take this opportunity to try to express how I feel about Derma-Life Skin Care Formula. Our daughter Sage was badly burned in a fire in October 1986. She had third degree burns over 45% of her body. Sage was in Shriners Children's Hospital for five months. In the hospital, after her initial recovery, we were given permission to choose any skin care product for Sage. We chose vitamin E and aloe vera. We tried both but vitamin E was better for Sage.


Upon our return to New Mexico we had the opportunity to use Derma-Life First Aid Formula. We could see a difference after two days. I noticed that her scars were more pliable and less taut. We were impressed that the Derma-Life was completely absorbed after being applied. Sage has used Derma-Life daily since April of 1987. Derma-Life has helped with other problems that are burn related. Itching was a big problem before using Derma-Life. After using it the itching became less intense and finally stopped. Using Derma-Life normalized her donor sites. Photographs have been taken since Sage has been using Derma-Life so her progress could be documented. It is amazing to see the progress Sage has made in the past year. We will continue to use Derma-Life on Sage until she has stopped growing. We are convinced that Derma-Life has been very beneficial to Sage's recovery.


Thank you Mr. Rickman for sharing Derma-Life with us.

The Volkmans, Michael, Denise & Sage



Dear Mr. Rickman, 

I am writing to thank you for introducing me to Derma-Life. You could probably tell that I was very skeptical at first as to the uses of Derma-Life but let me explain how I became convinced. On Sunday, I was skiing at Santa Fe in shorts and got a heck of a sunburn on my legs and face. I applied pure aloe vera gel to my legs because they were still very sensitive, and like my face the night before, the burning stopped, and I could put on pants without going through the roof. Mr. Rickman, your product speaks for itself. It does exactly what you said it would do, and for my money, it is an investment well worth making and one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to my friends. 


Stuart Gray

Investment Broker



I have had cold sores or fever blisters for over fifty years. In all those years, I have tried countless liquids, lotions and ointments and every aid that was suggested to me. About two months while in the midst of an outbreak and a very sore nose I read an ad about Derma-Life Skin Care Formula. I went to the store and purchased a bottle and started using it immediately. Well, to my surprise, the red swollen area disappeared. The itching, burning feeling went away. No scabs appeared; I could not believe it. Derma-Life can be used before or after make-up or both. Thank you very much for the best remedy for cold sores that I have ever used.


Helen Pulchin

Albuquerque, NM



I used RETIN A on a blemish. My skin is so sensitive it not only dried my sensitive skin, it burned it. I used Derma-Life on it, starting at about 8:00 AM. By 6:00 PM it had formed a skin layer - not even a scab. Since then I've been using it all over my body and have even discovered that it softens the calluses on my feet better than anything else I've used.


Robin Schwed



After having a severe case of acne for the last eight years of my life, I had tried every type of remedy on the market. Facial cleansers, lotions and drying creams did absolutely nothing for my condition. My acne was so severe that it looked like a rash covering my face and I was constantly embarrassed to go out in public.


Then I had the extreme fortune of trying Derma-Life. Within a month my acne had virtually disappeared and was finally under control. With continued use, after two months the scar tissue on my face from serious acne attacks was actually fading. I am proud to say thanks to Derma-Life. I am now enjoying the pleasure of a clear facial complexion.


Thank you so much.

Kristin R Zimmer

Albuquerque, NM



Dear Derma-Life, I have been using Derma-Life Skin Care Formula on my face for three weeks now and I actually look younger. I can't believe it, my husband says it's a miracle. 


Marilynn Yelvington

Las Vegas, NV



I am a 22 year old single woman who has had trouble with acne for 10 years. The main area of infection and concern has been along the jaw line of my face. I have used just about every over-the-counter medication available and while they do some temporary help, it is just that, temporary. I was given a bottle of Derma-Life by my mom about a month ago and began using it twice a day. I am delighted with the results. My skin is markedly clearer and looks healthier without the terrible dryness you get from other medications.


Amy L Bielinski

Albuquerque, NM



I have a condition called Shingles on my back which I have had a lot of pain and redness from for sometime. Recently my niece from New Mexico sent me a bottle of Revive made by you folks in Albuquerque. I want you to know this is the best stuff since Penicillin, it has made the pain bearable and all the redness is gone. I would recommend Revive to anyone with Shingles or any other skin ailment. You have my vote. 



Roger Hayes

Seattle, WA



Regarding Derma-Life skin products, I must give a pat on the back and thank you for helping me. I recently returned from a ten day Bahamas vacation with sand flee bites all over my arms and legs. The itching was driving me crazy when a friend told me to try Derma-Life. It worked; the itching went away very rapidly the next morning, and so was most of the inflammation. So I did not use it that day and to my surprise the itching and inflammation returned. Well, I applied the lotion again and again; everything went away. I continued using it for several days. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. I usually don't write testimonials like this but this is the exception. Derma-Life, you really have a super product. 


Thank You.

Lee Weinland, III

Taos, NM



Mr. J. Rickman, 


There are very few products that I have used in my life time that are truly light years ahead of their competition. Two years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer for which I have had several radiation treatments at Loma Linda University Hospital in Sun City, California. The resulting pain and discomfort from this treatment is beyond description. In October of 97 my doctor gave me a sample of reviveTherapeutic Formula to try for healing and pain relief. I want you to know that within twenty minutes of applying this lotion on the affected body parts my life changed from very miserable to total relief. Within days the damaged tissue was healing and looking normal. This lotion is the answer for a lot of people's prayers. Keep up the great work.



William F. Goldman

Sun City, CA